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C2L BIZ is an insurance industry solution provider, which focuses on helping the insurers gear up for challenges by making its value chain more efficient and effective. Its mission is to deliver measurable business outcome by combining their domain knowledge, solution architecting expertise, Functional IP’s, Technology Solution Accelerators and global best practices.

C2L BIZ brings over 500 man years of experience in building Insurance enterprise platforms and implementing it globally. C2L BIZ global headquarter is in Mumbai and is currently present in Asia Pacific and the US. Within 6+ years of its inception, C2L BIZ has already executed over 90 engagements for insurance carriers and has a customer base of 23 insurance carriers, including 9 of the Global Top 30.

Based on its successful transformation experiences C2L BIZ has developed a complete perspective on the architecture requirements of Insurance industry. C2LBIZ’s Solution Centre provides a factory equipped with ready framework, Symbiosys Technology Solutions Accelerator, which incorporates the most appropriate technologies for today’s business complexities with the flexibility to seamlessly integrate with the exiting IT applications.

C2LBIZ introduces a new paradigm in IP protection by providing customers, means to maintain their strategic differentiators and thereby preventing the commoditization of their uniqueness. Apart from these solutions, C2L BIZ’s strong team of domain consultants and solution architects have deep experience of providing high value enterprise consulting and implementing large multi-year programs for global insurance companies.

It uniquely has a core team that has successfully architected end-to-end policy administration platform on three technology generations (Client-Server, J2EE, and SOA). C2L BIZ’s dedicated focus on insurance industry and experience of global insurance markets aids in its endeavour to take complete ownership from ‘Concept to Live’.
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